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We help businesses to grow, either by stabilising current operations or in the case of start-ups, by establishing a structure that will help with the future, smooth running of the business.


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Business Driver is a collection of companies offering a diverse set of services to both small and large businesses.

The companies operate in a variety of different sectors and all operate nationally.

Developers of complex front-end websites & problem solving cloud based systems.VIEW WEBSITE

Design, build & fulfilment of fixed cost exhibition stands that increase exhibiting ROI.VIEW WEBSITE

Independent asbestos surveys & consultancy surveys for owners, agents & FM companies.VIEW WEBSITE

Case Studies


Working with dental and GP practices on all areas of business improvement READ MORE


Improving operational efficiencies of businesses within the automotive sector READ MORE

Digital & Creative

Business development & project management services for creative businesses Info coming soon

Who We Are



Nigel Gilmore – Business Support

An experienced board level business adviser with many years of detailed retailing knowledge which has driven growth, maximised sales and created significant bottom line profitability, through utilising strong relationship building, process implementation and team leadership skills.

I am both strategic and tactical in approach, capable of managing multiple client operations, identifying business opportunities and developing new pipelines in dynamic b2b and b2c sectors by working closely with customers and businesses to instil the disciplines that deliver bottom line profitability, be it Operations, Marketing, Finance or HR.

Being a director of several companies that operate in such diverse sectors as the health care, automotive and high street retailing sectors, I individually bring a wealth of knowledge to bear from these and other sectors and take a hands on personal role in all assignments.

I assist as an "on-demand" business manager helping company owners on a day to day basis looking for hands on senior commercial business support at a fraction of the cost of a full time resource.

Tim Ternent – Strategic Marketing

I write proven marketing strategies that are designed to achieve the principal sales and marketing objectives of the overall business plan.

Unlike most consultants I do not stop short of introducing a strategy and then simply walking away; using over ten years of marketing experience I am able to implement extremely creative tactical plans that will make a real difference to business operations.

Specialties: Marketing: Energy Efficiency, Energy Management, Industrial & Manufacturing, Construction and Property, Professional Services, Automotive Financial Services experience. B2B and B2C experience. Fluent in French and Spanish.

Andrew Sacks – Funding and Finance

I am a Chartered accountant with specific focus on advising SME's as a consultant on a range of issues which includes re financing and/or re structuring their business to deal with the current changes in the economic climate.

Providing this advice primarily as a non-exec for SME's and family owned businesses which covers a diverse range of services from traditional re financing through to more creative solutions using private investment or alternative sources to help the business grow.

Have helped a number of growing and distressed businesses over the last eighteen months to re structure and have a 100% success rate with respect to the businesses which I have worked with.

In addition working with clients in the UK and abroad on raising finance for asset based project lending.

Goal is to try to continue to do a good job for my clients and work less and spend more time with my four kids.

Specialties: Assisting businesses looking to grow or businesses suffering a lack of working capital and engaging with them over a period of time to re structure the business and help them manage the growth or overcome working capital issues and improve profitability going forward which includes utilising my extensive network of lenders for asset based projects as well as a private investor network for equity deals as required.

Sam Lees – Digital Marketing