Few individuals outside of the automotive industry understand the challenges faced by a motor dealer. The digital revolution has changed the way in which a motor dealer operates, new strategies are often required to make improvements to the current trading processes.

Business Driver has developed a successful formula that helps motor dealers in the following areas:
  • Increasing sales volume
  • Increasing F&I income
  • Improving customer retention & satisfaction
  • Focusing on employee retention & motivation
  • Helping with financial compliance
  • Analysing & improving sales & marketing techniques
We have proven in the past that by focusing on the above elements we can achieve the overall objective of increasing sales volume, margins and most importantly the profit per unit.

The founding partners of Business Driver have both had extensive careers working for motor manufacturers, franchise dealers, independent used car dealers and motor finance houses in a variety of different roles. Using this knowledge and experience they have made a real difference to a number of different motor dealers across the UK.