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Start-up Dental Practice in Manchester


The dentist is a skilled professional with 20 years of experience, this is their 1st business venture and required assistance with creating and implementing a complete new operation including recruitment of staff, systems, processes, brand creation and promotion to the local area.

Dr Pine wanted to ensure that the new practice created a groundbreaking customer service led culture and a fun place for staff to work, whilst being highly profitable.


The Business Driver Effect

Operational Management
  • Net promoter score of 67
  •  Average Google review score of 5
  • Staff t/o for past 12 months = 0%
Supplier Management
  • Introduction of suppliers that make a real difference to operations
  • Managing contractual relationships to minimise costs
  •  Performance reviews on an ongoing basis
Financial Management
  • Six figure profit in year 2 of trading
  • Patient takings up 105% since year 1
  • Strong, positive cashflow
  • Patient numbers now at 1000+
  • 50% of new patient sign ups through the web
  • Well recognised brand in local area
  • Unique visits to the website at over 1500 a month
Marketing   Supplier


Why Business Driver?

Nigel Gilmore, Director and Partner of Business Driver was selected to assist Dr Pine, due to his knowledge of both the health care industry (Nigel is a Non Executive Director of the largest GP Practice in Manchester) and being an ex-director of several large commercial corporates, as well as several successful new start SME businesses.

Nigel was specifically valued and selected due to his understanding of how to manage available financial resources in a start-up, as well as the implementation of supportive staff and HR process. Having seen other businesses struggle, due to not getting organised early on in their operational life, Nigel stressed the need to ensure that systems and processes were properly organised.

Additionally Nigel and his business partner specialise in ensuring that a holistic and managed approach was made to sales and marketing and that a full digital marketing strategy is fully adopted with supportive planned tactical campaigns.


Our Solution - How did we approach the challenge?

Planning began 6 months prior to opening:

  1. Initially, financial integrity was determined. Many businesses create theoretical business plans but do not ensure that day to day cashflow is suitable particularly in the 1st 12 months of operation. Detailed financial modelling was undertaken to ensure full viability and profitability models were possible and achievable.
  2.  Staff recruitment and HR processes implemented. To ensure that the correct patient experience was achieved, a bespoke recruitment process was adopted to bring onboard the best support team of care professionals. In conjunction with this detailed and appropriate HR policies and proceedures were adopted and implemented.
  3. General Marketing and Digital Marketing. The business persona of Dr Pine and Love Teeth were translated into a strategy that created detailed local and regional tactical marketing campaigns, through press and local leaflet advertising, as well as a full online presence, including a new bespoke website and supporting App.

All initiatives were managed and operated fully with Dr Pine and assessed at weekly review meetings to decide on solutions and monitor results. Feedback programmes were also adopted with patients whereby all were contacted within 48 hours of treatment to determine their overall level of satisfaction.


The Results

The practice now employs 14 members of staff and turnover is at 0% in the last calendar year.

The client gained full assurance for the process of beginning a business, systematic processes to follow and then ongoing support for issues arising

Dr Ilana Pine see Nigel Gilmore and Business Driver as a key part of the team at Love Teeth and have not had to incur the cost of an expensive Practice Manager due to his involvement.


What does the client think?

Ilana Pine“I don’t think that Love Teeth would have been a great success in such a short space of time without the knowledge, experience and hard work of Nigel at Business driver, he has become an invaluable member of the Love Teeth team”.

Dr Ilana Pine
Principal Dentist at Love Teeth

Social enterprise, GP Primary Care GP surgery group

Salfod Health Matters

The 3 site GP practice was established in 2007 to innovatively pioneer “social prescribing” to its 13000 patients with areas of severe social deprivation in the Greater Manchester of Salford. Rather than just write out prescriptions for pills which dealt with the symptoms of ill health, the practice wanted to explore ways of offering practical remedies to get people away from dwelling on their illnesses and into an active mindset. A typical solution was to get patients involved on an allotment as a way of making them active

The Primary Care Trust was previously spending upwards of £2.1m on running these three practices prior to passing them to SHM. Salford Heath Matters accepted the contract at £1.7m a year tapering down to £1.4m after 3 years . The shortfall was expected to be achieved through the acquisition of contracts to provide ”Enhanced Services” to the GP community in Salford


The Business Driver Effect

Supplier Management

We were a champion of evening and weekend opening hours. We have 3 GP practices across the city. We have invested in opening up access to those who may find it hard: for example, homeless people, young people, people with dementia.

Patient Innovation
  • We are one of very few social enterprises across the country to deliver front line GP services.
  • We are committed to reinvesting any surplus in the communities we serve.
  • For example, we have reinvested £120,000 to offer social prescribing and community physiotherapy.
Service Delivery

We started out with core general practice services. We have grown our service offer to include social prescribing, specialist children's service, health care for homeless people. Because we are a social enterprise, we will continue to invest in more services to help improve your health and well-being.

Operational Performance
  • We started out in 2007 with some of the worst performing practices in Salford.
  • We increased Quality and Outcomes Framework (QoF) from 63% to 95%.
  • We now have an 'Outstanding' award by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).
  • We now have over 17000 patients.


Why Business Driver?

Nigel Gilmore, Director and Partner of Business Driver was selected to become a non executive board director of the company, due to his knowledge of the public sector and his commercial experience of both ex-director of several large commercial corporates, as well as several successful new start SME businesses.

Nigel was specifically valued and selected due to his understanding of how to manage available financial resources in a commercial organisation, as well specific knowledge and skills of the “customer experience” delivered through the Net Promoter Score.


Our Solution - How did we approach the challenge?
  1. Commercial Viability. Having inherited a very challenging financial envelope to work within, Nigel working with the Chief Executive and other board members steered the company from a negative balance sheet to commercial stability
  2. Customer Satisfaction and innovation. To ensure that the correct patient experience was achieved and also to uncover flaws in the patient journey , a bespoke adaptation of the Net Promoter Score customer satisfaction methodology was adopted. This system was eventually adopted across the whole NHS (not as a direct consequence of SHM) as the Friends and Family.
  3. Managing and leading the team. Nigel initially as a board member and later as Chair of the Board led the governance of the organisation both financially and organisationally in conjunction with Dr Neil Turton, the Chief Executive.

All initiatives were managed and operated fully with Dr Turton and assessed at board meetings and financial committees to decide on solutions and monitor results.


The Results

The practice became the first in the country to be awarded “Outstanding” by the CQC (Care Quality Commission)

Financial integrity was secured for the company with retained profit achieved . The practice has grown by 30%.

The practice was adopted as the leading component of the new structure of Primary Care within Salford as Salford Primary Care Together a collective of all Salford GP practices funded by the CCG.


What does the client think?

“Nigel has been an instrumental part of the success of Salford Health Matters and its journey to becoming part of Salford Primary Care Together”.

Dr Neil Turton
Chief Executive – Salford Primary Care Together