Business Driver works extensively with healthcare providers both in the public and private sectors.

Public sector

Operating an organization such as a GP or dental practice under NHS restrictions and guidelines can often be quite a challenging and frustrating experience. It is often hard to see where improvements can be made as the day-to-day operations take precedence often pushing strategic financial and operational changes to one side.

At Business Driver we have proven experience in helping healthcare organisations make fundamental changes to the way in which they operate. We have seen some outstanding results in key areas such a process efficiency, financial cost savings and employee retention and motivation.

Private sector

We work with several dental practices to implement a structured business plan and target setting. We then go much further than just the financial management. A deep understanding of how to increase the profitability in the sale of private treatments means that we are in a position to offer expert advice on:
  • Pricing & margins
  • Sales techniques
  • Point of sale material & sales aids
  • Staff training & awareness
  • External sales & marketing techniques